Sunday, 19 October 2014

On The Turning Away (Pink Floyd, 1987)

With "High Hopes"(also in this blog), "On The Turning Away" is my favourite track from Gilmour / Mason era of Pink Floyd. We don't need to compare this ballad with the far more adventurous track of the early Floyd or with those coming from the band's iconic middle period. Better enjoy this beautiful melody, the wise in crescendo volume and Gilmour's usual atmospheric solos.

By the way, the single version of this song was a US Billboard Rock Tracks #1.

It's one of those songs bearing a PF trademark so well carved in its sound that you immediately recognise it, even if it's the first time you listen to this. And you love such a track immediately, no matter the era or the lineup. It's something so well written, performed and arranged you can only give up one more time and play it again and again...

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