Monday, 6 October 2014

I'll Never Be Like You (Once Again) (Saga, 1995)

The Canadian band Saga are among the most prolific prog artists ever, with more than 20 studio albums to date. They're also a very eclectic act, always looking for something new, and exploring such different worlds as hard progressive, neo-prog and arena rock, just to mention a few of them. This song, for example, taken from the "Generation 13" album, shows the easy-prog side of Saga. It's a ballad full of tension, based on a beautiful melody and featuring a rich orchestral arrangement.

I think this is one of the best albums is Saga's discography.

This one is never too pomp or intrusive, on the contrary it adds kind of more pathos to the song. Of course, "I'll Be Never Like You (Once Again)" is part of a concept album including 18 tracks and it should be better to listen to it in its own frame, but it's also a stand alone song, with a special, distinctive taste. If you want my opinion, try both the track and the album...

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