Thursday 2 October 2014

Ohm Sweet Ohm (Kraftwerk, 1975)

Taken from the album "Radio-Activity" - "Radio-Aktivität" was its original German title - this track is another specimen of the melancholy mood of Kraftwerk, that special nostalgy that grows up among electric wires and concrete buildings. As the album develops the double concept of radio and nuclear energy, Ohm seems a very good name for that and the "Home Sweet Home" joke is also a good close for the LP.

A reassuring, old fashioned picture, isn't it?

The first part of the song is pure electronic, with a distorted voice work, something weird and even scary in the line of previous tracks like "The voice of The Energy" or "Uranium", while the second section is a sweet, instrumental melody. But that's not all: this melody loop accelerates, changing once again the mood of the song, progressively wiping out the nostalgic atmosphere and bringing back the artificial, electronic album concept. Beautiful and strange, I daresday.

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