Saturday, 11 October 2014

Brother Where You Bound (Simon Says, 2008)

This is a track for prog lovers, rich in cross-references to classic albums and bands and full of changes, solos, interplays and assorted stuff. In a word, it's a long epic (some 26 minutes) paying respect to the ancient prog gods, but also drawing a 21st Century state of the art for our favourite genre. This is one of those suites you never get tired to listen to from the bombastic intro to the end, going through so many soundscapes,  reprises and musical zigzags.

"Tardigrade" is the third Simon Says' studio album.
In addiction to this, the musicians are all excellent and especially Magnus Paulsson, whose keyboards are like a flock of birds filling the sky. Really, these guys deserve all your attention and all the positive reviews I read about their works, especially about the "Tardigrade" album featuring this epic, that actually is one of the best gates to their colourful world.

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