Sunday, 12 October 2014

The North (Cast, 1996)

The huge discography of Cast includes so many prog pearls that it's difficult to choose one of them for my blog (but it's not the first one and it won't be the last). "The North" is a beautiful two part suite taken from the album "Beyond Reality", pretty much in neo-prog style, very well written and performed, I daresay. The two sections are titled "Northern Place" and "All The Way from Nowhere", and really begin with a Northern, rather cold mood, soon evolving into an up tempo track, and there's where we find the warmest soul of Cast.

"Beyond Reality" was the 6th studio album by Cast.

As usual, the sound is a European one, but the fire inside the song likely comes from Latin America. Some od the keyboard / guitar interplays are stunning, and please look at all those tempo changes! And what about that devilish instrumental finale? Definitely, one of the best bands in their genre, and one of the best set up tracks of their career.

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