Thursday, 23 October 2014

Methuselah's Children (Moon Safari, 2008)

Taken from the "Blomljud" double album, this "Methuselah's Children" isn't the longest epic of the lot, despite its more than 15 minutes of length, but it is - IMHO - one of the best and most distinctive tracks in this collection. If you read other posts about Moon Safari's songs in my blog, you probably know I love this Swedish band and their original style, midway between classic prog roots and folk inspiration,with a choral nuance.

"Blomljud" was Moon Safari's second studio work.

The first thing you'll notice in this "Methuselah's Children" will certainly be the flushing, beautiful vocal harmonies, a well known trademark of the band, but this isn't all. Next will come the keyboard progressions, both smooth and fast, the acoustic/electric interplays and - last but not least - the enthralling melodies gracing the whole song. Useful to say, some of the musical themes in this CD return in different songs, a very progressive way to set up a coherent work. I think Moon Safari's world is a sunny day, a blue Northern sky, a 21st Century prog dream.

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