Friday, 3 October 2014

Sirens (Arena, 1996)

When it comes to Arena, I immediately declare I love all their albums before their conversion to the metal religion. Albums like "Pride", for example, have a special touch, made of brilliant sounds and epic atmospheres, and kind of a joyful point of view on the progressive universe. This long song, "Sirens", is one of the best in such a musical style, full of tempo and mood changes, guitar solos, well found melodies.

"Pride" was Arena's second studio album in  1996.
The rythmic section too provide a lively, diversified structure on which the instrumental and vocal lines ride like on a troubled water and sometimes find a calmer sea. The main theme's different returns spot the track and virtually divide it in smaller compositions, all linked by inner and clever cross-references. A last special mention for the technical skills, simply stunning. But then, with the likes of Pointer, Nolan, Jowitt and so on, how could it be otherwise?

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