Friday, 17 October 2014

Daphne (Laurel Tree) (Kayak, 1979)

"Phantom of The Night" is a rather good pop album by Kayak I don't especially recommend to the pure-prog friends that grace my blog, but it does includes some excellent tracks and even a properly progressive one, titled "Daphne (The Laurel Tree)". This song begins with an atmospheric ballad, very well written and arranged IMHO, then it rises up in tempo and volume, sounding like an epic song should, and featuring a very good instrumental coda.

This was the original cover of the album...
 ...and here's the re-issue one, taken from a 7" single art.

As usual with Kayak, the melody is excellent - and catchy too -  and all the instruments come in at the right moment, without any useless excess, but as majestically as they have to be in such a track. Really, this is a song that's worth a listening... and likely more.

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