Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Mindrevolutions (Kaipa, 2005)

When it comes to technical skills, we all agree that Kaipa are among the best performers out there. That said, sometimes there's a lack of emotion in their music and this is their only flaw to date, something one can ascribe to The Flower Kings too. This beautiful suite, however, includes all I'm looking for when I put a prog song into my CD reader (or in my playing list, to be a little more trendy). Imagine this "Mindrevolutions" as a musical sandwich, where the main theme - a higly emotional one - acts like the two slices of bread and the central section is like meat (or everything else that's tempting for you).

A beautiful and disquieting cover, I daresay.
Actually, this is a super stuffed sandwich, where Roine Stolt and his guitar play an essential role, perfectly supported by Jonas Reingold. But the main theme - sung by both Aleena and Patrik Lundström is a real treat to me, so intense and moving, with so well found variations, especially in its final reprise, that I rarely listened to something better recently. A great epic for all my experienced friends, but also for the romantic ones.

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