Tuesday 28 October 2014

The Homecoming (Freedom's Children, 1970)

A strange, arcane, acid, trip into another dimension, this is "The Homecoming", taken from Astra, the most popular album by Freedom's Children. Based on Hammond and guitars,  this is the perfect son of the early heavy prog era. Unfortunately, the band is one of the most underrated ones, maybe because of their apartheid South-African era. But this track easily proves how innovative they were and how much they exploited the contemporary acid rock scene, with that smell of proto-prog I always like.

"Astra" was the second studio album by Freedom's Children. 

One could hardly decide the genre of their music, ranging from an experimental heavy prog to a dark space, featuring many tempo changes and a fluid, rich musical texture. The main riff is enthralling and the distorted vocals sound very effective. I also like the down tempo interlude à la VDGG and the creative use of the acoustic guitar lost in the background. An uncommon piece of music, IMHO, and a great discovery for those liking the hidden prog pearls.

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