Sunday 5 October 2014

Awakening of The Elements (Lost World, 2006)

Lost World are among the most interesting Russian prog acts and the title track of their second studio album is an excellent proof of their skills. These musicians know how to mix traditional progressive rock and modern sounds, creating a diversified and enthralling soundscape, based on the perfect fusion of all instruments. This instrumental composition features in fact a brilliant wall of sound, swinging like ocean waves, but also some gentle, liquid passages (an intro and an interlude).

The three founding members of Lost World are classically
trained musicians. And one can guess that by their music...
The main theme is catchy and well found, the flute work is pure fire and some lightly distorted guitars provide a strong background for the vaguely ethnic solos of Andrii Didorenko's electric violin. The percussions are also very good, tracing unpredictable patterns all along the track. To my ears, this is simply beautiful music, even if the four natural elements really are an abused subject, but here they suggest a thrilling joie de vivre that's not so usual in prog rock.

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