Saturday, 4 October 2014

Oxygène Part 2 (Jean-Michel Jarre, 1976)

One of my favourite electronic tracks ever. And with a strong, persistent symphonic smell, what's more. The whole "Oxygène" album is a treat, with its intricate architecture and its atmospheric sounds, but this track is simply exciting. On a slow tempo, arcane background Jean-Michel Jarre insinuates some swirling, electric flashes until the bombastic main theme explodes in all its glorious wideness. It's something like a blinding sunshine in the heart of a storm, like a stroke out of the blue.

Jarre released "Oxygène" in 1976, then a sequel in 1997 
and finally a remastered edition in 2007, called "Oxygène 3D".

Then the fluid, archaic waves close again before a second burst and a swinging finale, introducing the third track. As you probably deduced, I'm fond of "Oxygène" and especially of this second section. Jarre was surely reminiscent of the German electronic rock experience, but he translated that language in a more epic and full-bodied style, something I still listen to with a great, inner pleasure.

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