Thursday, 16 October 2014

Angels Have Fallen (Kansas, 1979)

"Monolith" was a very good album, seldom underrated by trendy musical critics (we'll survive), including some songs I still listen to with pleasure. One of those pearls surely is "Angels Have Fallen", written by Steve Walsh. It's an unusual track, starting like a piano ballad and passing through different phases, like hard rock and sophisticated pop. Its undeniable force is in the well found melody, however.

An apocalyptic landscape was inside the gatefold album.
The verse, in particular, is based on a versatile jewel-like line, that perfectly fits in both sweeter and harder arrangements. The voice of Steve Walsh tops such a tasty cake. And Kerry Livgren adds some effective solos to the song, a gift I surely appreciate. When I find a song full of good ideas and still able to move, well, I stop and listen to it. Will you do the same with "Angels Have Fallen"? I hope so.

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