Tuesday 21 October 2014

Toward The Sea (Höstsonaten, 2002)

Höstsonaten are one of the several projects by Italian prog hero Fabio Zuffanti, the man behind Finisterre and La Maschera di Cera, just to name his most known bands. But Höstsonaten offer a very special kind of music, something full of classical inspiration, ambient sounds and strong melodies. This track is part of a 4 CD concept related to the four seasons (not an infrequent theme, I must admit) and more exactly it closes the album "Springsong", the first one of the SeasonCycle Suite to be released, even if it was conceived and credited as the final chapter of the series. 

The SeasonCycle includes: "Summereve", "Autumnsymphony",
"Winterthrough" and, of course, this "Springsong".
It's a diversified, challenging composition, including different themes and suggesting a bright, refreshing musical opennes, crossing over genres and formats. It's a visual kind of music, where sounds and landscapes are just as one. A special mention deserves the flushing paintings by Davide Guidoni gracing the CD and, of course, this is what I call music for the hearts and the minds.

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