Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Angel And The Soldier Boy (Clannad, 1989)

Sure, Clannad don't belong to the progressive family, strictly speaking. But if they're not relatives, they're very good friends, as this beautiful suite demonstrates. This was the O.S.T. of a poetic animation movie based on a children's picture book by English author Peter Collington. In its more than 51 minutes, the CD contains both the music (first track, some 25 minutes) and the narration of the story (second track, 26 minutes), read by Scottish actor Tom Conti.

If ever you need some relaxing moments...

The music themes are very sweet and feature excellent arrangements, describing 18 different scenes. The suite begins with the main theme, the only sung part, where we can appreciate once more Ciarán Brennan's pure voice. This theme also closes up the suite in an instrumental version. The rest of the song is a treat for keyboard effects lovers, but also for those of you liking dreamy and nostalgy music, featuring a childhood taste and a bit of sadness too. Clannad inspired so many bands out there...

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