Sunday, 27 April 2014

Don't Forget Us (Flamborough Head, 2009)

Taken from their album "Looking for John Maddock", this 8:21 minutes instrumental includes all the best qualities I recognize to Flamborough Head. Mostly, there's a real passion for melodies, something they never forget and they always put as a foundation stone in each song of theirs. Take the flute intro of this track: sweet and essential, this theme works as a fil rouge all along the song, even when the keyboards come in to twist it.

"Looking for John Maddock" was the sixth FH's studio album.

Even then, that melody is there and you know it will no doubt reappear, sooner or later. In fact, it comes back magnificently via the final dreaming guitar solo, and this seems like a fulfillment, a glorious prog seal closing the track. Soft but never sweetish, mostly down tempo and still varied, brilliant and modern in its sound, nonetheless reminiscent of the '70s, I do think this song is a perfect way to approach this band's music and also to start a new day.

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