Monday, 28 April 2014

Shadows of The Past (Neverness, 2009)

This is the 11 minutes closing track from Neverness' third album (the first one in English), titled "The Measure of The Time". Those Spanish boys treat me with a spacey up and down tempo song, floating on an ocean of keyboards and featuring in the first part a pleasant distorted guitar, something not so easy to do, but then this is my own opinion... and I'm not at all into metal. The sound is neat and deep, the tempo changes are as surprising as they should be and the main theme is very good.  Of course, I adore their atmospheric passages, where Javier Nieto shows a bouquet of guitar effects.

This cover's not so original, but the music inside has its own taste.

There's also a sweet piano & voice section between minutes 8 and 9, flowing into a bombastic and still melodic wall of sound, a perfect finale for the song. Two more special mentions go to Nieto's vocals, not mighty maybe, but always perfectly tuned to the lyrics and to  Víctor Pérez, whose keyboards provide a mixed background, reminiscent of the '70s and also not so far from some Dream Theater's solutions. A good track for the ecstatic minds.

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