Thursday 3 April 2014

The Other Side of Morning 音楽的特徴 (Shingetsu 新月, 1979)

One of the sweetest melodies I've ever listened to, one of the most delicate and clever prog ballad arrangements to date. That would be enough for my introduction, but there's something more I'd like to say. You'll also find in my little blog a post concerning "Oni", the fully synphonic opening track of the sole Shingetsu album, possibly their masterpiece, but this is something completely different.

Lead singer Kitayama liked fancy costumes and masks.

"The Other Side of Morning" really shows the other side of the band, a little more catchy, a little less intricated, definitely fresh and pleasant. Like a haiku poem, in a few minutes this song paints a magic and inner watercolour where natural elements and deep emotions merge, both driven by Makoto Kitayama's beautiful voice. A relaxing but never trivial experience I highly recommend to you all.

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