Tuesday 22 April 2014

Silence Reigns (Fruitcake, 1998)

Some months ago, I was looking for some new prog music, but I wanted something with a plain, catchy melody asin was during the glorious proto-prog era. And I found this unusual and apparently naive theme floating on a mellotron and acoustic guitars ocean. How beautiful, how relaxing, how discreet this song is. Fruitcake are a Norwegian band with a rich and interesting discography, and this was exactly the song I was serching for.

"Power Structure"was the fifth Fruitcake's album.

Despite its unassuming intro, "Silence Reigns", the closing track from the album "Power Structure", evolves into a full grown symphonic rock song, but never loses its freshness. So, after a powerful instrumental section, the main theme comes back and it's like meeting an old good friend. That's how Fruitcake saved my day!

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