Thursday 10 April 2014

Afraid of Sunlight (Marillion, 1995)

One of my favourite songs ever. That said, this deep, obscure and bittersweet piece of music is the title track of 1995 Marillion's album, kind of a hidden concept album about fame, decline and death. It's a highly emotional song, based on a sharp exploration of the inner regions of conscience. Hogarth's performance is one of the most sensible of his career, featuring a wide range of feelings and perfectly supported by a warm and well-calibrated ryhtm section.

Some fans say this song is about a vampyre.
I dont' think so, but there's definitely a dark mood in the track.

The instumental section is like a dark dream and Steve Rothery's guitar solo... well, it's a Steve Rothery's solo! I recommend to listen to this track just after its campanion song "Afraid of Sunrise" (the album's fourth track) to appreciate the delicate variations of the same main theme. But then, I understand, it would be difficult to cut away "Out of This World" that saparates the two "Afraids". Well... just try!

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