Saturday 19 April 2014

Madre Tierra (Flor de Loto, 2007)

Flor de Loto are a foursome band from Peru and they represent a brilliant fusion of folk roots with prog rock essence. The abundance of flutes (basically replacing the keyboards) build up an Andean atmosphere reminiscent of ancient civilisations, but then the guitars and the drumming (and even a short '70s choral section) add now and then a modern prog rock mood. I also like the tempo changes, all so pleasant and surprising in this "Madre Tierra" ("Mother Earth" in English), the title track of Flor de Loto's second studio album.

...And I also like all their cover paintings!

Two more special mentions: the first one is for the acoustic guitar, linking the sweetest sections of the song to the big picture; the second one goes to the enthralling finale of the track, sharp and up tempo like in the best prog rock families! Believe me, this band is worth your attention. A gift for my prog and open minded friends.

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