Friday 25 April 2014

A Kid Called Panic (Moon Safari, 2010)

Taken from Moon Safari's third studio album "Lover's End", this rather long song (some 13 minutes) has everything I like in this band's music. Catchy and choral sung melodies, excellent instrumental passages, a fresh and joyful mood, in short: the strength of youth. Despite its title, this song is a light trip into colourful realms, with a touch of proto-prog era and even - now and then - a Beatles-like composition and arrangement.

A fresher face for symphonic rock. That's what Moon Safari is.

All the rest is pure symphonic rock, with enthralling keyboard / guitar interplays, a creative drumming, a discreet but effective bass line and an overwhelming fantasy throughout the track. When listening to this, I feel my faith in prog rising up and I need to press the back button on my CD player to restart the song. Should I say more?

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