Friday, 19 July 2013

C'est la vie (Emerson, Lake & Palmer, 1976)

Included in ELP's double album "Works" (the first volume), this song is credited to Greg Lake alone, as each member of the trio had one LP side for himself. It's a romantic and beautiful song, one of those tracks never getting old. I know this is not too far from easy listening music and i'm aware ELP did more progressive, intricate, challenging things in their career, nevertheless I'm hopeless, 'cause I love this little, catchy song.

Three guys that changed the world. Well, the prog, at least.

Not only I like the melody and the arrangement (even the french sounding accordion), but I also appreciate l'Orchestre de l'Opéra de Paris directed by Godfrey Salmon and, last but not least, Peter Sinfield's lyrics, perfectly matching the music. I have to spend some words for Lake's vocals, perfect as usual, with his soft, warm and still almost nonchalant tone. Really, I go crazy when I listen to this performance and I couldn't imagine more suitable words for that voice: Who knows, who cares for me... C'est la vie!

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