Wednesday 24 July 2013

Poseidon's Creation (Eloy, 1977)

Beyond its grandeur and its bombastic arrangements, this track reserves many good surprises and emotions. First of all, the usual Floydian (and not only) inspiration is melted with other significant progressive styles, giving to the whole song a full and round sound. Then, I appreciate very much the chenges of tempo, with speedy progessions flowing into relaxing and liquid largos.

The impressive cover for "Ocean" by Wojtek Siudmak.

The sung part of the song's like a ballad, a slightly acid one, followed by a long instrumental coda, maybe the best section of the track, with original musical solutions and a suggestive drum background, with the final choral line in the 70s mood. The whole song hasn't lost its charms today and almost represents a bridge between the classic prog years and the neo-prog era, and the album "Ocean" is a landmark in Eloy's discography, as the recent "Ocean 2" definitely proves.

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