Thursday, 4 July 2013

Your Possible Pasts (Pink Floyd, 1983)

This my favourite song from the much underrated album "The Final Cut". Sure, this was more a Roger Water's solo album (about his father's story once again) than a proper Pink Floyd's work, but even so there are some very, very good songs in it. Unfortunately, just a few of them actually sound like a rock band production. This is the case of "Your Possible Pasts", where the typical group signature is everywhere. Here, David Gilmour and Nick Mason don't leave the place to the orchestra or to the piano and the song could be part of anyone of their previous albums.

One of the pics from "The Final Cut" art.

I also like Water's vocal performance, so sad and so tight, perfectly in tune with Mason's sharp drums. And the volume and tempo changes, the guitar elegant embroidery and, of course, Gilmour's solo single out this track. Even without Rick Wright's keys, I found here the old good times, one of the last glimpses of the '70s.

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