Sunday 7 July 2013

A Sun of Your Own (Moon Safari, 2005)

Sweden is a land full of progressive surprises. When I first listened to Moon Safari I was highly impressed and I still are. They're not a derivative band, they have their own soud and this beautiful song is a good start point to discover their universe. It'a a long (9'20") and sweet track, taken from "A Doorway to Summer", the band's second album, a song with mainly acoustic instruments and a sense of simplicity and magic in it. The voice and the vocal arrangements are very good and there's a perfect mix of folk and prog, something reminds of the Canadian band Harmonium, back in the '70s, but with a modern taste.

The original cover of "A Doorway to Summer" (up) and the band (down ,of course).

The second part of the song is mostly instrumental and choral and there you'll find the band's progressive soul in all its glory, but still with a strong melodic and emotional approach I appreciate very much. They're good songwriters, these Moon Safari boys, and after five good albums I think they're worth a place in every prog lover's heart.

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