Friday, 5 July 2013

Your Time Starts Now (Van Der Graaf Generator, 2011)

Reunions aren't always a good moment for music lovers: how many bands resumed old collaborations under the media announcements and trumpets and just gave birth to useless albums (and songs)? Well, VDGG are a welcome exception. Since their reunion, they released three interesting studio albums,  and this is one of my favourite songs of the new Graaf era, taken from "A Grounding in Numbers". A short, intense, atmospheric song featuring a pleasant melody and a stunning vocal interpretation by Peter Hammill.
VDGG today: creativity has no age.
No intricate arrangements,  no musical experiments, no jamming, no tricks at all, just a song, a good one. This doesn't mean we've got a trivial track here: in its apparent simplicity, "Your Time Starts Now" is a moving piece of art. And the lyrics, so perfectly appropriate for the current group re-start period, urge the listener (and the singer, of course) to live each moment of life as a new beginning. VDGG certainly did so. What about us?

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