Tuesday 16 July 2013

Cadence And Cascade (King Crimson, 1970)

In the second King Crimson's album, "In The Wake of Poseidon", a curious listener will find almost everything: from slow ballads to long instrumental and experimental tracks. This "Cadence And Cascade" belongs to the first category, being a beautiful and rather pastoral song, sung by Gordon Haskell in a soft tone reminiscent of Greg Lake's performances. This mellow and acoustic track always carries me away in a calm, far dimension.

Tammo de Jong's "12 Archeotypes" features on the album cover.

A flute, a piano, a gentle guitar and, of course, all the cymbals you can imagine fill this song of muffled sounds, giving a decadent and hypnotic countenance to the whole composition. But the sweetness of this music shouldn't lead the listener into error: this is not a trivial melodic song, as the clever arrangement and the richness of the instrumentation suggest. See how the vibraphone comes in to emphasize the chorus melody, listen to the slightly dissonant piano scales, enjoy the flute variations... dear, this is a prog masterpiece!

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