Monday, 15 July 2013

Lazarus (Porcupine Tree, 2005)

This is a beautiful song, a modern day prog song, in fact. Taken from "Deadwing" album, it shows why and how Steven Wilson won the title of "Man who saved the prog". A killing piano provides the background for the catchy melody (a very good one) and the usual increasing number of instruments leading from low volume ballad to a crimsonian wall of sound (and back again). The structure isn't tricky, but the sound is so carefully laboured you always find something new in it each time you listen to.

The art for "Lazarus" single. Towards the valley below...

What's great in this song (and in other Porcupine Tree's songs of the same kind) is the contrast between the warm background and the apparently cold vocals, a musical struggle adding a shroud of mystery and wonder to the track. This sense of wonder is keenly powered by the lyrics, describing an upside down Lazarus receiving the invitation to leave the life and go down the valley below. Do they play prog there?

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