Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Contrappunti (Le Orme, 1974)

Another one of the finest moments of the wide Italian '70s progressive rock movement. This instrumental title track of Le Orme's album of 1974 is simply stunning for its complex architecture and its energy. "Contrappunti" is based on the fruitful collaboration between the band and the classical trained and well known musician and composer Gian Piero Reverberi, credited as a proper member of the band.

Contrappunti featured one of the simplest cover arts of its times.

In this track, Reverbery plays the piano showing all his technical skills and providing the basic compositional idea, that's to say the counterpoint technique. This is the presence in a musical composition of two different but stricly intetwined melodic lines. The final result is a classically inspired and powerful track, where piano, keys and bass guitar drive a series of changing and unpredictable variations of the two main themes. Calm and rythmatic moments create an enthralling masterpiece still original and strong today.

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