Sunday 28 July 2013

Le vieil arbre (Le Temps, 1975)

I like very much old sweet folk-prog songs and the 70s Québec scene was particularly generous in this genre. This band, for example, was one of the best in the wake of Harmonium and friends. The opening track of their first self-titled album, called "Le vieil arbre" ("The Old Tree"), is a fine specimen of their production, made of gentle ballads graced by instrumental interludes.This song is also introduced by countryside effects like thunders, birdsongs and children's voices. Then the acoustic guitar leads on the instrumental intro accompanied by a chamber orchestra till the first verse begins.

The original artwork of "Le Temps".

It's a relaxing music, full of optimism, and I usually put it on my CD reader when I'm stressed and I'm in search of a calm and old fashioned break. Also try it when in a traffic jam. But you'll find more than this in this band, if ever you accept my invitation and taste the happier side of prog with Le Temps...

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