Wednesday, 3 July 2013

If I Were The Wind (Pendragon, 2001)

This is what I call a beautiful prog song. It's roughly divided in three parts: the long and magic intro where Nick Barrett and Co. draw a stormy landscape, then the main sung theme, tight and enthralling with its rock guitar, finally a melodic, piano driven sung theme. There's magic in this song, in each part of it, and there's also passion, specially conveyed by Barret's vocal interpretation, full of warm tones and inner shades.

A very good pic recently posted by Nick in his own blog on Pendragon's site:

Yes, this is the little, big miracle of Pendragon's best tracks: epic and intimacy go on together so well. "If I Were The Wind" (taken from "Not of This World" album) provides a great deal of both and from the very first chord it wipes out the grey real world and carries the listener to a keen, colourful planet in the galaxy of prog rock. That's why I like this band and I'll always be grateful for their music.

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