Tuesday 9 July 2013

Memories of Old Days (Gentle Giant, 1977)

This is a song I like very much for his folk roots and for the slightly acid sound the band found out for it. Taken from "The Missing Piece" album, this song features only acoustic instruments, apart for the keys here and there and the bass guitar. There's a flavour of Middle Ages meet the Far East. Derek Shulman's vocal performance is tight and perfectly fit in the sharp sounds dominating the beautiful arrangement.

Not a great album, "The Missing Piece",
but with some hidden treasures for you to discover.

The melody is captivating but not at all a trivial one and the whole song has a movement like waves on the shoreline. All is fluid and flowing, but never too sweet, in an admirable balance between old and new, easy and daring. 7'44" of heavenly music, if you ask my advice. One of the last Giant's pearls.

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