Monday 2 May 2016

Presto (Rush, 1989)

This is the title track of an album released by Rush in 1989 and playing a special role in the band's musical evolution: the strong presence of synths characterizing their '80s production gets more discreet and the typically rock instruments are once again in the foreground, even if the trio don't come back to their early heavy sound. The resulting mix is however a very interesting one, as this song will prove: fresh rythm guitars, airy and light keyboard backgrounds, strong a neat vocals. 

"Presto" is the thirteenth studio album by Rush.

But what I especially like in "Presto" (mainly the song, but also the entire album) is the ever changing and unpredictable plot: when you're sure the tempo will raise up, it actually goes down and when you're expecting a melody, here comes a rock riff. This is exactly what a prog song should be, so... enjoy "Presto" and let the music vivify your lives!

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