Sunday, 29 May 2016

Războieni (Bucium, 2008)

Violin and distorted guitar aren't an usual combination, but they perfectly open this track, taken from the album "Voievozii" by Romanian band Bucium. It's a folk-prog-rock enthralling epic, also including dramatic vocals, devilish gigas and some beautiful tempo changes. The Balkanian folk side of Războieni  (a little town that also was the battlefield of a major struggle between Moldavian and Ottoman armies) is very well mixed with a solid melody and a rock background.

This is unfortunately the only album by Bucium to date.

I also like the suspended, atmospheric instrumental bridge marking the central section of the song, soon enriched by Andy Dumitrescu's voice. The contrast between the baritone singer and the high-pitched violin is one of the trademarks of this track (and of other Bucium's songs too). A modern and fascinating way to relive progfolk music, IMHO.

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