Sunday 1 May 2016

My Song (The Moody Blues, 1971)

Taken from the album "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" (an usual reminder for EGBDF musical scale) this song starts like an average MB's ballad, then it takes a different turn, featuring a charming orchestra-like instrumental part, both magic and epic. When the vocals come back, they perfectly match with the fairy mood of the song that slowly fades away.

I think this cover art is perfect for "My Song".

Mini-moog, Mellotron, acoustic guitar and flute together aren't an usual solution, but then Moody Blues always skip trivial arrangements and explore new ways. A beautiful attempt to reach visions through music, an epic and peaceful little world into one song... this is "My Song"! And it's also a way into this band's unique and so British atmosphere. That's why you'll find more about them in my blog.

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