Friday, 27 May 2016

Journey of The Shaman Part 1 (Nemrud, 2010)

This is the first part and opening track of the concept "Journey of The Shaman", released by Turkish band Nemrud. It is both part of a longest suite and a suite itself, divided into four parts (In The World of Dreams, Beginning of Divine Inspiration, Revival and A Stone in The Ocean). I actually like the crossover approach to prog these musicians show and develop with keen coherence. Heavy guitars, floydian atmospheres, changing rythms and moods, experimental passages and psychedelic riffs... everything here is suspended between tradition and innovation.

The musical coherence of this album is surprising for a debut work.

The creative ratio of such a track is important and the listener will be susrpised at each turn of the musical corner, so that the mythical, almost religious concept is never too aethereal or merely spiritual. There are flesh and bones here, a solid ground on which the inspiration of Nemrud builds up a fantastic castle. Beautiful, that's the simplest word for it.

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