Tuesday 10 May 2016

Where but for Caravan Would I? (Caravan, 1968)

Listening today the first album by Caravan can be highly instructive, as we litterally see the Canterbury sound coming to light and gradually acquire its recognizable features. No doubt, the closing song "Where but for Caravan Would I?" is the most accomplished effort hitherward. It's not just the expanded duration time (some 9 minutes... not bad for a 1968 song!), more than this, the song has very interesting instrumental parts driven by the organ and pleasant vocal lines.

The beginning of an extraordinary career... 

Roughly divided into three sections, this song in an early attempt  Jazzy and even dissonant passages forecast some of the most known Caravan's features to come. The tempo and mood variations can be slightly naive, but they always come in the right place. The dawn of prog...

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