Sunday 22 May 2016

Light in The Doorway (Atom Orr, 2016)

I immediately liked the opening song of Atom Orr's EP "Light in The Doorway", but listening to the following tracks I liked them too, so I took my time and finally decided to come back to my first coup de coeur. So here you are the EP's title track to begin with. Christopher Hoffee, the man behind this project, actually set up a little jewel, a modern way to progressive rock  that also pays respect to some of the past Masters.

This interesting EP includes four long and diversified songs.
Take the intro: a heartbreaking syncopated rythm, something between Yes and IQ, that suddenly leaves its place to a more relaxed and ethnic-flavoured passage that reminds me of Gong and George Harrison. And then... the first theme comes back, with an added dose of energy and an electronic coda. A coherent song, featuring a very well balanced mix of old and new, and also a hearty, sensitive vocal performance. This is what prog will need to go on: an open-minded approach with a feeling.

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