Tuesday 3 May 2016

Oriental journey / The Least You Could Do Is Send Me Some Flowers (Alquin, 1972)

A delightful, colourful, unpredictable mini-suite consisting of two tracks, the opening ones of the 1972 album called "Marks". Alquin are one of the brightest prog pearls from the Netherlands during the Golden Era of our favourite genre. This is a very peculiar instrumental, whose first part is a peaceful, pastoral and flute-driven section, a very enjoyable, dreaming piece of music. 

"Marks" was Alquin's debut album.

The rest of the suite is completely different, including a manifold and lively series of changes and involving a good deal of winds. It features several moods, ranging from vaudeville to Beatles-like chords. This kaleidoscope of moods and an assorted choice of sound effects build up an original, even humorous double-sided track I highly recommend to your attention.

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