Sunday 8 May 2016

J'ai trové ta faille (Lazuli, 2014)

Lazuli is one of the most inetersting French bands from the years 2000s. This "J'ai trouvé ta faille" (that's to say "I found your weak point") comes from the album "Tant que l'herbe est grasse" ("Until the grass is puffy") and is a charming track, IMHO. Featuring a beautiful melody and a good mix of folk, neo-prog and electronic devices, this song has a discreet and growing strength, even before guest vocalist Fish comes in for the last verse in English.

"Tant que l'herbe est grasse" was the sixth studio album by Lazuli.

The emotional crescendo  of the track is exciting, but these musicians never show off and look after every details of their music, with a keen and subtle craft that's not at all common nowadays. I suppose that's why they constantly progressed from their early records to the latest ones. And that's why this is an accomplished song I highly recommend.

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