Friday 20 May 2016

Easy to Forget (Equinox, 1998)

Good and solid (neo-) prog bands live and play everywhere. This group, called Equinox, come from Panama and is worth a bit of our attention. The aerial and melodic "Easy to Forget" is an excellent example of their music. Nothing experimental or crossover, but a great deal of passion and some interesting themes.

This was thedebut album by Equinox.

I'm not fond of their lead vocalist, but I must admit they succesfully mix neo-prog atmospheres, short heavy passages and very good guitar solos. Some changes will surprise the listener, while the keyboards add some light and pleasant touches here and there and also provide the right background for this kind of song. The band released two albums between 1998 and 2000. Such a pity we couldn't hear more of them...

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