Tuesday 24 May 2016

Metamorphosis (Magenta, 2008)

This suite is the title track of Magenta's fourth studio album, released in 2008, probably their darkest and heaviest one. This track is particularly rich and diversified, including high volume passages, tricky interplays and quiet, even acoustic moments. Christina Booth's voice is constantly in the foreground, with his steady and crystalline timbre, reminding me of Annie Haslam's. Rob Reed's keyboards and inventions make the difference with the average prog records, while Chris Fry's guitars add colourful and streaked tones.

Tim Robinson provides a first rate drumming to this album.
As usual with these Welsh musicians, there are many references to the likes of Pink Floyd (Reed's beloved Masters), Genesis and Yes, but the pattern of this suite is so well set up and so beautifully accomplished that the listener never gets bored or jaded. An everchanging choice of sounds, tempos and moods draw a coherent, solid fresco that tick away 23 minutes of progressive glory.

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