Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Destiny (Journey, 1980)

After their prog debut album, Journey decided for a more commercial approach, but when in 1980 they were asked to compose the soundtrack of a Japanese film, they felt free to set up more complex and unpredictable songs. The resulting album titled "Dream, After Dream" included this opening track, a rather long one (9 minutes, more or less) featuring a very good and atmospheric sung theme and an abundant choice of instrumental passages, both slow and fast tempo.

...And I also like this cover art. Don't you?

The contrasts are strong: the melancholic intro, then a rocky, heavy section, followed by a dreamy guitar solo (how good this one is...) and finally a brief, weird electronic coda. I really like this song (and also some more from the album), showing what Journey could have done had they chosen a progger way. True, this coming back to their roots will be a short-lived one, but good music is there to stay, and I'll always listen to "Destiny" with the greatest pleasure.

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