Monday 9 May 2016

Delirium (Crónico, 2007)

What a pleasure to introduce this Mexican band to my readers! "Delirium" is the almost title track of Cronico's only album to date "Delirium Room", and maybe the most interesting one. The lyrics are in Spanish (some songs from this CD are in English) and Lizbeth Mendizabal actually has a very original voice. The mood and tempo change many times during the song, including many instrumental interplays involving Daniel Koppen's keyboards and Gabriel Eguiluz's guitars.

IMHO, one of the best prog albums from Mexico in the new Century.

The sound is specially rich, as Lizbeth plays additional Keys to enhance it. The traditional progressive features are all there, but the band add some arcane vocal harmonies and a perfect mix of acoustic and electric instruments to the big picture. There is an abiding tension in "Delirium" that matches with the title and never let the song get trivial or redundant. A pleasure to my ears, and I hope to yours too.

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