Wednesday 4 May 2016

Mother Universe (Wallenstein, 1972)

This is the title song of German band Wallenstein's album released in 1972 and it keeps today all the charms it had originally, plus the vintage glaze that time gives to old (and good) music. Both pastoral and acid, this piano-driven ballad features a hearty vocal performance and a rather gilmour-esque electric guitar, reminding me of early British bands like Quatermass, but with a more melodic taste. 

I really like this album, the second one by Wallenstein.

Some symphonic touches enrich the central section of "Mother Universe", followed by organ and vocal harmonies not too far from Procol Harum's style. The power of the Golden Era of prog is everywhere, while a special Mittel-Europa sound adds an original twist to the big picture. I really like the intense, even dramatic mood of this song and I higly recommend it to you all.

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