Monday 23 May 2016

Kings And Knights (Aether, 1999)

This Camel-inspired Brazilian band is worth our attention because of their melodic work and their excellent taste for tempo changes. This short instrumental comes from their debut album "Visiones", a concept based on German castles and also featuring a long suite that I don't put here because I found it rather erratic in both structure and inspiration. The shorter tracks, however, are very good and this one is full of visual descriptions and passionate guitars.

As this cover art will prove, Aether like atmospheric moods.
Andrew Latimer would be proud of Vinicius Brazil's work, but there is more than this. The way these musicians change the rythms preserving the fairy atmosphere of the song is also a highlight of "Kings And Knights" and of other tracks from the album as well. If you won't find many innovative choices here, you'll surely appreciate the warm and coherent mood of the track. A good reason to listen to Aether's music, IMHO.

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