Friday, 23 October 2015

Slow Dance - Part Two (Anthony Phillips, 1990)

Like in this long suite first part (see the post in this blog), "Slow Dance Part Two" is a beautiful, calm and classically arranged succession of good themes and colourful variations, one of the best achievements of Ant Phillips' solo career. The acoustic guitars, the winds, the harp and even the drum machine all cooperate to an elegant and relaxing tapestry ruled by the keyboards.

Ant Phillips seems to live in a pleasant world of his own.

This part spans over more than 26 minutes, but don't expect a challenging listening experience, as the track is so pleasant and so well organised that time flows rapidly and each musical sketch has its own charm. I rarely listened to such a delightful piece of music, that's got the power to infuse wellness into the listener's soul. Not a neglectable virtue, I'm sure you agree.

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