Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Fatal Illusions (Eloy, 1994)

"Fatal Illusions" comes from the album "The Tides Return Forever" and has a Floydian taste, a pop flavour and an electronic touch. The guitars seem to flow on a pulsing musical ocean, while the mellow intro, some lively sung parts, a melodic theme and a rocky final section follow one another. True, some of these features didn't get old very well and some rythmic sections are too plastic-made for the 21st Century tastes, but the song has strong melodic foundations and very well found changes in both mood and tempo.

With this album Eloy signed their sixteenth studio work.

More than this, there is a balanced mix of catchy tunes and original solutions, spacey atmospheres and solid rock 'n' roll passages. As usual, Eloy put in their music all the musical worlds they visited and enjoyed and keep the song architecture under control. That's why I like them.

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