Monday 26 October 2015

Going Blind (The Old Man & The Sea, 1972)

What about another one-shot band? From Denmark, this time, and from the early '70s. The Old Man & The Sea based their music on a warm Hammond organ and a slightly acid guitar, not to mention the Tull-like flute. This is the closing song of the album and the longest one, so that this tune and its beautiful variations pleasantly linger on into the listener's mind. The 10 minutes of duration of "Going Blind" allow the band to put in guitar solos and assorted riffs, especially with Benny Stanley's electric guitar and Tommy Hansen's keyboards.

This LP was released on CD along with an outtake album.

That said, Knud Lindhard's bass is also worth a mention... and he's also responsible for the vocals instead of lead singer Ole Wedel. The acid and heavy guitar solo ruling the central section of the song is likely the most famous passage of this pearl, but I also like the bright and melodic following section, where I appreciate a sung section, then the acoustic guitar introducing a devilish Hammond solo. Hot stuff, baby.

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